ACCESS CONDITIONS is a product enabling the creation of interactive videos for teaching and learning purposes.

The following users are automatically authorised to use free of charge and to request access to the website: «List of authorised users».

This list is regularly updated in accordance with the agreements established between and the institutions interested in its use.

All users who do not appear in the list may contact the team directly to receive additional information and negotiate possible access conditions:


General remark: the term "user" refers both to trainers and learners.

The latter may access the website with the prior consent of the trainer.

The following categories of users are allowed to use free of charge:

  • Swiss VET professionals (i.e., vocational school teachers, apprenticeship trainers, branch course instructors, etc.)
  • Anyone working for a public school in the Canton of Ticino

Persons who do not fall under the above-mentioned categories may contact the software owner to obtain permission to use the software and obtain access to the website. Please contact the team:

List updated: 01.09.2015